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 Promoting Sex, Style and Fun for All!

mercuryanddiamond1aJoanna Mercury and Blaise Diamond believe in friendship, fun and having a nice life – qualities which are often forgotten in the race to acquire material wealth.

Sex is a much-maligned pleasure in our society – yet what could be more natural?  The trick is to evolve a sexual style which suits you and doesn’t harm others.  Then you will have maximum sexual contentment.

A personal style makes you feel good and gives you a sense of personal identity – something we all need in an Age which seems determined to turn us all into machine-like zombies.  Resist that at all costs!  Humanity is such a prize ..

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We think that video offers the most enlivening way to dialogue with the members of our community.  Check out our YouTube channel “Mercury & Diamond”.  There you will find segments on sex (often a little controversial), Fashion and Having Fun.  We hope you enjoy …

We Have a Book!

Our book, Goddess, Mother, Whore  examines why women are driven to androgyny to compete with men, while men still love big boobs and short skirts.

Women are always best served using sex as their seat of power. Women can claim their rightful place at the top of the sexual hierarchy.  Take control of the bedroom and blow your man’s mind!

mercuryanddiamondpic4About the Authors

Joanna Mercury and Blaise Diamond live in Sydney, Australia. Joanna was a university professor and Blaise an entrepreneur before unusual circumstances brought them together in Sydney where they became firm friends. Their experiences give them a special insight into sex and modern life and how to have the best experience from sex without shame.  Joanna and Blaise believe in redefining the relationship between men and women to make it better for both genders.