J&B Favourite Bras Uncut

J&B Favourite Bras Uncut

Join Joanna and Blaise in the bedroom in Favourite Bras Uncut as they try on their favourite bra and panty sets with a commentary about why they like them. For those of you who saw the YouTube video of the same name, but wished for a bit more, the good fairy has granted your heart’s […]

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Nude Bathtub Frolic

AT LAST!!!  THE LONG AWAITED BATHTUB VIDEO! Bathtub Frolic is now available in The Shop.  It’s over 11 minutes of continuous video (not slideshow) because J&B know you wanted it. See Blaise and Joanna as nature intended them, frolicking in the bathtub and being silly, sexy and sweet. For those of you who’ve asked to […]

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Valentines Day for Men Uncut

Mercury & Diamond present, by popular request, Valentines Day for Men Uncut. It’s the full, unexpurgated version of the photo shoot for the You Tube clip, “Valentines Day for Men”. Get it HERE at the Shop. For those of you who thought the original slide show left you wanting more, here’s what you’ve been looking for. […]

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Mature Women in Bikinis Uncut

Mature Women in Bikinis Uncut

For those of you who enjoyed our Mature Women in Bikinis YouTube presentation we present: Mature Women in Bikinis Uncut It’s a visually stunning slide presentation of 32 photos taken on our recent holiday in Byron Bay which captures the essence and sexuality of the unashamed and unabashed mature woman. So for all young men […]

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Mature Women in Teddies (Uncut)

Mature Women in Teddies (Uncut)

Here’s what all serious devotees of mature women eroticism have been waiting for. Our promised new presentation Mature Women in Teddies (Uncut) is now available from the Shop. It’s a sexy, classy collection of 20 stills, which showcases Blaise and Joanna at their naughty best. For YouTube fans who have already enjoyed the very popular “Mature […]

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Mature Women and Sexuality

Mature Women and Sexuality

Mature women often give up on their sexuality, both in and out of marriage.  Who can blame them in a way?  They’re encouraged to hide their sexuality “under a bushel” as soon as they enter a long term relationship or marry.  But it doesn’t need to be this way. Most mature men (and many young […]

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Release of French Maid Fun!

Release of French Maid Fun!

French Maid Fun, our new erotic video, is released TODAY! Get it HERE at the Shop. Blaise and I have a slightly different idea about the place of hardcore porn in a man’s life. It leaves nothing to the imagination, and the imagination is a HUGE part of arousal. It’s no wonder men are having […]

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The Filming of "French Maid Fun"

The Filming of “French Maid Fun”

As usual, we had a lot of fun making our new film, which will be available very soon, and is called “French Maid Fun”. Blaise was being cheeky and she got out her camera phone to film me filming her during some of the naughtier scenes in the film. We were both in our French […]

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French Maid Fun

WATCH OUT FOR OUR NEW VIDEO Coming very soon! French Maid Fun is an erotic romp back through history when the French maid was the epitome of naughtiness and temptation for the lascivious, rich gentry … The French maid archetype now has a cherished place in our sex fantasies, so what better subject for Blaise and […]

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Lunch at Catalina

It was a beautiful day in Sydney so the ladies decided to treat themselves to a lunch by beautiful Sydney Harbor at the exclusive suburb of Rose Bay. And what a treat it was!  They sat on the covered balcony looking straight on to the water with its golden, sun-kissed water, bobbing yachts and the […]

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