For Women

How Women Can Become Equally Powerful

One thing which women find hard to digest is that they are the superior sex. They are so used to hearing overtly and covertly, that they need the protection of a big strong man to get by in life that, like it or not, they unconsciously believe it.

History Perpetuates the Lie of Male Dominance

There are well-documented historical reasons for this which span more than 3,000 years of alpha male dominated human history. We will not go into them here because they distract from the central thrust of our very important thesis, but you could start with Julia Hughes Jones’ “The Secret History of Weeds” if you are looking for well documented examples.

Suffice it to say that when certain men realized they were inferior to women their response was to use their superior strength to enforce an imagined lie about their own superiority. Fear causes extravagant responses. Alpha males feared becoming invisible or unimportant.

The Greek myths are an early example of the heroic pseudo mythology lies they invented about themselves and spread everywhere using violence. Alpha type men grabbed control of government, church and business and eked out the captured world’s benefits generously to those they favored, moderately to those to whom they were indifferent and scantily or not at all to those they viewed as a threat. Women ranked high amongst this last category.

In all of these endeavors to prove his superiority through history, the alpha male used the same tool – violence. It was the only thing which made people see things his cock-eyed way. After all, if someone has a knife to your throat, you tend to agree with them. You may think they’re a lunatic but they have the knife. While not particularly clever, violence has been effective as a method of control through history. It also accounts for the unintelligent state of the world today.

Taking Stock

We can all be forgiven for what we have got wrong as humanity. The planet is 4.6 billion years old, the Universe 13.8 billion years old, Homo sapiens only about 150,000 years old and recorded history almost insignificant at only 3-5,000 years old (depending upon the accuracy of the carbon dating of the set of shaky artifacts and documents you believe in). So Homo sapiens is a relative novice at being human.

Way back at the dawn of history alpha males got frightened of being ignored, humanity at large got frightened of getting killed by marauding alpha males, women got frightened to air their voice because alpha males killed, humiliated, bashed or abused them and told them they were dumb and they made the mistake of believing it.

But let’s put that all behind us. Let’s consider the future.

What’s Not Going to Happen

Alpha male leaders of church, politics and business are not suddenly going to realize their mistake and start including women in positions of authority in equal numbers to men. Alpha males are still very afraid of women. They still fear looking unimportant if they lose their macho image and they will resist any major changes with violence.

The fair distribution of the earth’s resources will never happen under alpha male rule. They have to have a lot more than everyone else, and control what people get, so that they can reinforce their non-existent superiority with physical proof (to themselves mostly) that they are superior.

Women need to take care of their own camp by:

1 Raising their gender’s self-esteem collectively
2 Ensuring appropriate numbers of their gender get key world governance positions (with or without male approval)
3 Creating their own line of wealth and finance which is controlled only by women
4 Finding ways to educate men with too much “male-brain” into realizing that they lose nothing by encompassing the female gender as equal partners but in fact gain a lot.

Sex Makes it All Possible

The male gender needs sex around 10 to 20 times as much as the female gender does. This in itself gives women a fun way to show men what they can gain by including women in all aspects of life and not just the ancillary ones. Sooner or later the alpha male needs to let go of his maniacal control orientation, product of his fearful ego. The alpha male has to grow up.

Nobody has yet written the script of how this will all roll out, and neither should it be written. It is in the nature of a woman to evolve methods as she goes, just as nature and the earth does – and there’s nothing wrong with that!