Literotica is erotic literature designed to get the motor going. It’s deliberately naughty, can help you gain immediate satisfaction and/or hone your skills as a lover. Far from being wrong, literotica deserves a position of high esteem since it significantly contributes to making sex the art form it should be.

Here’s our collection of titillating stories, available for sale (download). Most of these stories are based on our true life experiences ….

We hope you enjoy!

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#1 Luka Young Stud

Joanna was having a slow day in the escort business and needed a little perking up. Nothing could prepare her for the erotic perfection of Luka Young Stud.


#2 Ballsy Samantha CEO

Samantha is a CEO who likes her brokers to service more than just the clients … Her trading room floor staff try to use their book smarts to climb the greasy pole but they’re no match for the horny, street-smart Sam.


#3 Coke and Cock

Escorts Joanna and Blaise have had a hard night servicing a coke-sniffing client and need a little recreation. When they meet Peter, the taxi driver who takes them home, the fun starts!


#4 One Wet Evening

Blaise and Joanna enjoy a Friday night out and make sure that they stir things up in their local bar, including some erotic “mercy missions” for two lucky businessmen.


#5 Strawberry MILF Passion

Ben has an erotic fantasy involving fruit and a sexy MILF. One day he enlists the help of Blaise to make his fruity cougar dreams come true ….


#6 Joe the Tradie

Horny MILF Blaise doesn’t get much action from her husband, but today not even her young lovers interest her. She craves something new and different and Joe the Tradie proves to be “just the ticket”!


#7 Cougar Hunt

Escort Blaise enjoys a naughty night out with Matt, her gay partner-in-crime. In the crowded bar they find themselves in a face-off for the attentions of a delicious, young, married guy. Who will be the winner?


#8 Forbidden Desire

Young Sean has had the hots for his Auntie Blaise since forever he can remember. One day he is surprised to find that she is more perceptive than he thought, and furthermore that his forbidden desire may not be as forbidden as he thought.


#9 Girl on Girl

A Caribbean holiday fails to yield the new sexual adventures that Jill and Charlotte were hoping for. Bored, one night in their luxurious hotel room, the two friends discover that their new longed-for sexual adventure is right there in their own back yard.


#10 Chocolate Delight

An annoying day is salvaged for Blaise by an exotic, chocolate-coloured Adonis who not only knows how to use his equipment well but also how to play a steamy sexual domination role ..