Relationship Advice for Women

Is there a need for relationship advice for women? We think there is. Why? The unconscious message about women in our world, that is, the message buried deep in the DNA of humanity about women is that they are dangerous, untrustworthy, of inferior intellect to men, and generally speaking – ancillary. That is, they are only expected to take subordinate roles to men.

All of these unconscious messages, which people default to on a daily basis because most people rarely use their own conscious thinking, cause women, as a gender, to have lower self-esteem than men as a general rule.

Lower self esteem renders women vulnerable in relationships.

In our new book Goddess, Mother, Whore, our relationship advice for women is different from most and, we believe, more effective. Not only do we provide information on how women can raise their self-esteem, but also we explain how men think about sex and relationships.

We believe that much of the trouble couples have with each other is caused because neither understands the other’s perspective, particularly when it comes to SEX.

Men Biologically Need Sex Much More

Did you know that it is the hormone testosterone which is responsible for sex drive and that men have 10 to 20 times as much testosterone as women do?

Believe it or not, this factor alone is HUGE in causing relationship breakups. Society has chosen to ignore this fact as inconvenient for over 3000 years so the conventions and taboos we have around sex are unrealistic.

Raising the Bar in the Bedroom

Goddess, Mother, Whore discusses in depth how to raise the bar in the bedroom, an important part of our relationship advice for women. A partner who is happy in the bedroom is a partner who is much less likely to stray ….

We cover such topics as Taking Charge in the Bedroom, Sex Basics, Using Dirty Talk, Men’s Sexual Pride, Boundaries to Good Sex?, and The Theatre of Sex in our expose of how women can be a goddess in the bedroom. Important sex techniques are also covered in detail.

Relationship Advice for Women?

All women need to understand the depth and breadth of the unconscious bias which exists in the world and in the world’s “passive mind” against them. The historical, anthropological and sociological reasons for it must be understood so women can avoid feeling “hard-done-by and needy”. Such emotions only weaken you.

Once all the connections are understood it will become apparent that the men of 3000+ years ago, realizing women’s many powerful skills and attributes, decided to suppress and bury them to gain supremacy rather than use their intelligence (and not their ego) to work with them. In short, men were scared of the power of women so they subjugated them.

When women truly understand this, and how its legacy is still with us today, they will know how to behave to both reassure men whilst at the same time taking their rightful place in humanity.